Catching UP!

Things were so busy this weekend, that I completely forgot about blogging (well, I remembered but couldn't find the time) So today I am playing catch up for days 5-8!

Day 5- Your Sibling:

This is a picture of us from a football game a few weeks ago. Clearly we look nothing alike :) Although, we are actually close in height. I was just bending down (see can in my hand, haha). We are as different as we look! She is much more crazy than I am, and is way more likely to be in the middle of the action, while I am more a movie night in with the girls (or boy) kinda girl. We fought like cats and dogs growing up, but as we get older, we get closer. I love having her here as a freshman this year, and we talk much more :) I am kind of hoping that this spring I get to call her a sorority sister too ;). I love her to bits and pieces, even if I want to kill her occasionally and couldn't imagine my life without her!

Day 6- A picture of Something That Makes You Happy:
This is one picture that encompasses several things that make me happy :)

It is fall, first of all, my favorite season. I'm wearing my favorite monogrammed scarf, and I am surrounded by some of my sisters, and dman, Kyle. Annnnnndddd, we are at a football game that we won :). I have several things that make me happy, but this picture encompasses a few!

Day 7- Favorite Movies

Hands down, all time favorite movie ever, Runaway Bride.
I also loveeee:
Father of the Bride (I used to watch this EVERY thanksgiving at my aunt's house)
Father of the Bride Part II (duhhhh)
When Harry Met Sally
The Holiday
Yours, Mine and Ours (the old version with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda)
The Parent Trap (both versions, young and old!)
The Santa Clause
White Christmas (see an old/Christmas theme?!?)
What Lies Beneath
and sooooo many more. I seriously love going to the movies, getting popcorn and a diet coke and sitting down to be entertained for 2 hours. I also love my netflix account as well ;).

Day 8- A Place I've Been To:
I love to travel, although I also love to come home! I guess the biggest trip I have ever been on was heading to London and Scotland this summer. I absolutely fell in love with Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland. It is stunning, clean, and despite being interviewed by the police my second day there... it's a long story, I promise I wasn't the one in trouble, I had a great time :)  These are a few pictures that I took at Edinburgh (it's pronounced Ed-in-bour-oh) Castle, which gave a great view of the city :)
I had a great time and I HIGHLY recommend Edinburgh. There is great shopping and a great night life :)

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