I believe in a thing called love... just listen to the rhythm of the heart :) Day 12!

I believe...
in the right to life (I could do an entire post series on this one)
faith can move mountains
in God, and his son that died for me (and you!)
in my football team... go hokies!
in a good pair of boots... or three :)
great friends are the best family
great family can be the best of friends
fall is the BEST season
sisters don't have to be blood
Starbuck's peppermint hot chocolate is literally Christmas on my tongue
a movie night in with the girls is the best therapy
relationships can only thrive if there is honesty
diet coke with lime, popcorn and the movies with my mom is a great way to spend an afternoon
crying is good for your soul, but not for your mascara
God knows my plan and I just need to learn to listen

This was a fun one! I can't wait to see what you all came up with! Have a great day :)

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Venessa said...

Hi, I found your blog through the blog challenge. I am a new follower as well and can not wait to read more!