Fall, Fall, Fall :)

Welcome to the series of my three favorite months of the year! All through the summer heat I crave pumpkin candles and football games, and finally fall is in full swing :) I just made the candy corn cupcakes as seen on Lindsey's blog, and I cannot wait to take them to the Dolphin Tank (what we call our sorority house) tonight to munch on as we go through Up Til Dawn letters. Even though tonight is going to be monotonous as we go through the over 2000 letters being sent on behalf of St. Jude (thanks Pike and Sigma Chi for wanting to win so badly) I cant wait to spend some qt with some of my favorite people in the world :). My header is a picture of my sisters and I at the beach for spring break. My guess is that you won't guess which one I am! ;)

I am linking up  with Kelly and doing a post on our dining room today.  I will say that it is very tiny, and has something hanging on the wall that my roommate and I painted together. Most people don't guess that it is a beer pong table ;). We also have all our free furniture in there, although it all looks nice. The high bar table and stools were from my cousin, and the canvas black chairs in each corner were from a friend of mine's office. The table will probably be painted black soon, if I have my way. The thing that looks like "TV" on the wall is actually an old school style VT with the "T" in the  middle. That is the same way I have it in the center of my class ring. Most of our apartment incorporates maroon and orange (our colors) but with some green, black and tans mixed in. The table on the wall has a little bit of pink in it, to ensure that it is girly enough for us! We live in a small condo, but it is perfect for two college students :)

Happy first day of October! :)

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Joyce said...

I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner..I looked back at some of your posts from the UK. I enjoyed seeing your pics and reading about your experiences there. We lived in a little village about 15 miles outside of Central London (not far from Windsor) for six years (we moved back to the US last summer). We loved it.

Love your header pic...all sorority girls have a similar shot I think : ) My daughters are in a sorority at their uni too, my oldest graduated last year. Enjoy all the fun of fall!