Day 4- Parents

In my humble opinion, I have the best parents in the world. I look like a perfect combination of my mama and daddy, and I act the same. It is hard to find pictures of them though! This is a picture of mama when I was about six months old, and  now.

She has actually convinced one of my high school friend's mom to let her color grow out and become all grey. My mama has been grey as long as I can remember, but she is as grey as she is wise. She has the biggest heart in the world, and cries at the drop of a hat... let's just say I acquired both of these traits! She is also so, incredibly smart and great at everything she does. I can talk to her about almost anything. She has also been through so much in her life, and comes out of it all with a smile. She will defend my sister and I tooth and nail, and while she is someone who is nice to everyone, she does not let anyone mess with her family! She puts up with my daddy's quirks, and I definitely look to them as an example of marriage. I hope I can be the faithful, obedient, Godly wife I am so lucky that I have been told I look and act like her :)

My daddy is a different story (yes, I still call him daddy... I'm pretty sure it's a southern thing.) He and mama are TOTAL opposites. My mama is loud and will talk to anyone and I still tell people to this day that I am not sure daddy even talked to me until I was twelve. But he has his own way of doing things. He loves fox news, old westerns, his girls, his job, and Virginia Tech football. You talk to him about any of these things, and you will swear the man doesn't have an off button. He is just like my pop, and things his way is always right... sad thing is, I can't think of a time he's been wrong. He was raised to be a hard worker, and has tried to instill that into my sister and I. I can remember chopping wood and pulling weeds when I was very young, which I'm sure was his idea. He is almost sixty years old and still has a full head of brown hair! I am not your traditional daddy's girl, but I am my own version of a daddy's girl, all the way. Below is a picture of us on a jetski when I was about three or four, and then a picture of from a few years ago, at my first Tech game as an official Hokie!

I am so blessed and thankful to have the parents I do. They made their marriage a priority and showed my sister and I both what it means to have parents who are committed to each other and their children. I am so thankful for them!

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Kit said...

This post is so sweet! Your parents sound amazing.

Katie K. said...

Your parents sound wonderful!