Days 23-25

Finally back in Blacksburg :) And even though its raining outside, I'm still excited to see my Hokies play tonight :)

Catching up on days 23-25

Day 23- Favorite Vacation

Wow, I vacation all the time, haha. I've never been on a huge extravagant vacation, but I have been several places including Chicago, San Antonio, Philidelphia, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Atlanta, Orlando and Knoxville. My favorite out of all of those was probably Chicago. It was my graduation present from my parents (along with my laptop) and I got to see my then obsession, now disgusted by, Oprah. My cousin lives in Chicago with her husband, so my aunt (her mom) came up too, and we went to see Wicked, shopped on Michigan Ave and ate at some delicious restaurants. I wish I had pictures from this trip! I'm sure my mom has some somewhere, this is before I got my first digital camera haha. So basically, the dark ages ;)

Day 24- Something You've Learned

I learn all the time, everyday. This year, I've learned the importance of patience, how to use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, the components of designing a website and various other things. I think what I learn and re learn everyday is to wait on God. If I do that, everything else falls in to place!

Day 25- Ipod Shuffle.

To be fair, my iPod is in constant shuffle state. I love everything, from old country, to classical, to new age, to rock, to a little heavy metal, and everything in between. I am however, desperately in love with 70's singer songwriters. Give me some Hall and Oates or Jackson Browne and I'm in heaven, haha.

1. Ants Marching- Dave Matthews Band
2. When I Think About Leaving- Kenny Chesney
3. Harmony- Corey Smith
4. Jump Around- House of Pain
5. Emergency- Paramore
6. Mr. Bojangles- Jim Croce
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2
8. Narcolepsy- Third Eye Blind
9. Dear Prudence- The Beatles
10. Heaven Never Seemed So Small- The Benji Davis Project

LoveLOVElove all of these songs. I highly recommend youtubing each one :)

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