Wish List!

I know some of you have already started enjoying that red Starbuck's cup with your Christmas music (me, cough, Claire, cough) while others of you are trying to take back the turkey (my boyfriend included) buttttt because my birthday is at the beginning of December I thought I'd share my birthday/Christmas list with y'all. It has already been signed, sealed and delivered to both Stuart and my Momma (who passes it on) and is something requested every year, so don't y'all think I'm just a greedy Ginger!

Here are just a few things I want (I honestly have everything I need, I am a lucky and blessed girl):

  • Cowboy Boots. I love the simplcity and the color of these. I have been borrowing my friend Heather's dads for a while (long story, I have huge feet) and now I think it is time for some of my own :) Found here .

  •  I love to read and I have always loved presidents! Fun fact, I always get pajamas and a book on Christmas eve from my parents. My sister and I always have :) Found on Amazon.
  •  Love this faux ivory cape from Loft.
  •  New monogram earrings. I love the ones I have now but they have had better days. Found at Marley Lilly!
  •  I have been looking for a huge, heavy cardigan to snuggle up in by the fire. At least that's how I picture it ;). I am a big fan of anything ivory or oatmeal! From Old Navy.
  •  I am not a huge necklace wearer, but I think I would make an exception for this one. Loooveeeeee it! Also from the great Marley Lilly :)
  •  Yep, another book. I just love Tim Tebow and I think he is such a great role model for young men. Again found on Amazon.
  •  Tory's Revas in Leopard. I have always been an animal print lover and I think these would look precious on my feet. Feel free to purchase them for me ;). Found here.
  • I could also use some new heavy duty Nike sports bras, some leggings in black and brown, socks and any new fall nail polish :)
Side note: Matilda is on ABC Family right now. I haven't seen it in forever, loooveee this movie. Happy Monday night y'all!


Charlotte said...

I wear my dad's cowboy boots!!!!! And ahh love the Tory flats! Love this wishlist, I may have to adapt!

Claire said...

HAHAHA I laughed out loud at the top!!!! I have been perfecting my Pandora Christmas station ALL DAY LONG. Mr C laughs that he can hear me coming through the house because I just carry my phone around all day. Haha!!! I have Justin's just like those boots except my toes are pointier! LOVE THOSE TORYS HOLY POO! xoxoxoxo <3 you girl