Third Down Thursday

Happy Thursday y'all.

I'm all cozied up in my apartment watching my HOKIES play. We have a big game in Atlanta tonight versus GT and the Yellow Jackets and I am so nervous. I live and breathe my hokie football. My lame (just for tonight) roommate decided to leave me and head to Radford tonight and all my triple d's are at a social (I am waaayyy to alum to go to a social) so I am here watching it by myself. Sad. Yes. But PTL I have twitter and imessage to get me through :)

I'm spending the weekend babysitting an adorable little four year old so expect some posts after he goes to bed at 7:30. Does anyone else get nervous sleeping at other people's houses? I definitely do. Plus they don't have cable. How am I supposed to calm my nerves? I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on dvd thank gooodness, haha.

I spent the afternoon observing court in the next town over and oh my goodness, it was crazy. The first big case we saw had to do with a stepmother giving her ELEVEN year old stepdaugter cigarettes. Seriously? ELEVEN. How ridiculous is that? She was eleven. I just can't fathom.

I also got my haircut today. I like the cut but the girl who did it just blowdryed it with a flat brush and used a straightener. Can a girl get some volume? Seriously, I can't do it at home so I wanted at least one good day of voluptuous hair!! It needed to be trimmed badly so I'm excited it will cut down on my own styling time at least.

Also, can I just say I scream at the TV every other sentence. Efff Al Groh and his defense and GT and their triple option offense. I just want us to escape the ATL with a big ole' dub-ya. My ultimate goal is to be holed up in a hotel after the big 1/2 marathon watching my babies play for the ACC championship and in order to do that we need to WIN (and beat UNC and UVA).

All I gotta say.


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Claire said...

I get soooo freaked out sleeping in other people's houses. Unless it's like a sleepover, I stay up all night (watching Friends!!!) because I'm scared. Email me if you get bored haha!!!