Just Another Manic Monday

It seems like all I have been doing lately is posting weekend recap and iPhone pictures. And today isn't any different :)

I got to see Stuart for two weekends in a row, and boy was it nice (even if he did end up with the flu, blech). We went out Friday night with my roommate and some friends after hitting up an afternoon movie on the super cheap. Love coupons!
 Rooms and I
 S and I
Linds and I

PS I actually used dry shampoo instead of washing and blowdrying my hair because I was short on time. Can you tell? I hate the residue that ends up at my roots sometimes.

We spent all of Saturday on the couch, recovering from Friday and watching football. UVA was playing Maryland and of course Stuart required that we tune in ;). They ended up winning and after that I decided to finally get off my butt and go for a run. And look what happened:
Yes, that is my knee. And it looks/feels worse today. I somehow tripped on the sidewalk (I think? All I know is that I was running one minute and was down the next) and ripped apart both knees and my hands. Fortunately my iphone and adorable case made it... that was my first priority, haha. I ended up walking down the street for about ten minutes before getting ahold of Stuart to come get me, blood running down my leg. I was a sight for sure!

I may or may not have had a break down about the 1/2 after I got back, but I know taking a day or two off won't kill me and I have been babying my wounds like crazy trying to get them in better condition. I am having a hard time bending or straightening my leg at all and both knees are pretty bruised too, as well as one of my ankles. Only time will tell. Any prayers would be welcome!

Saturday night my little bit, her boyfriend (such a fun story about how they met, I will tell it sometime) my sorority sister Linds, her man and her momma all came over to watch the LSU-Bama game. Let me just say I was rooting for Bama but those missed FG's... my goodness! Everyone ended up leaving before the end of the game and we went to pick my roommate and her boy up from downtown and got back just to see LSU kick the winning field goal... so disappointing.

Sunday morning we got up before eight for something very special :). My little bit got baptized! I can remember talking about my faith with her over spring break and her telling me about growing up not going to church and going to a Jewish preschool and not being really interested in going to church. She let me know earlier this week she has been going to a local church with her roommate from freshman year and she made the big decision to become baptized as a Christian. I couldn't be prouder of her. Stuart and I got up and met her and Josh, her friend Karen and Lindsay and her momma Sunday morning and attended the service. Because they hold church at the high school, they don't have a baptismal so we all went outside and there was steaming water in a little tub! She even got up and shared her testimony during the service on Sunday morning. Here she is!

Couldn't be prouder of her. Seriously. I got choked up. So incredibly filled with joy for her!

We ended the weekend by grabbing Panera and heading back to bed... Stuart ended up with the flu and I headed off to babysit and EG (the girl I babysit) ended up with a stomach bug. Fortunately I seem to have warded off the germs (for now, knock on wood!)

Hope you all had a great weekend

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