So What Wednesday!

Y'all I'm linking up with Shannon again for So What Wednesday!
  • If this is the first time I have used the button to link back up... I am so lazy.
  • That my two biggest fears about the 1/2 marathon this weekend are that I will psych myself out running or that I will poop myself. Y'all ever see those marathon runners that do that? I will be porta pottying FO SHO.
  • If I keep forgetting my birthday is Friday. My nerves about Saturday are TAKING OVAAA
  • I spend more money to buy the pop up popcorn bowls just because I think they are more fun. Just bought a new flavor "classic" and it is pretty delish
  • I am DYING without Diet Coke. I swore to myself that I would only drink water and hot tea and I am craaaviiingg a crisp DC
  • I am procrastinating the crap out of the stuff I have due next week. It's my birthday week... right?
  • That I love getting presents! Nicole finally let me open my stuff since we are leaving tomorrow and I love EVERYTHING she got me. Girl gets, me fo sho! See:
The shirt necklace bracelet and key selector are all from Francesca's and the clutch is from her sweet momma! Love that fam :)

Happy Wednesday (Night) Y'all!

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