One of my favorite bloggers and email friend gave me an award last week. Claire over at Life in the Sweet Virginia Breeze! Claire, you are amazing and I am so grateful for our bloggy friendship! We have the best little email conversations. Y'all go over and check her out. She has the best posts about fashion and all things Virginia related. I love a fellow Virginia girl! Thank you, thank you :)

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the lovely blogger who gave you the award. Check!
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it on to 15 others!

I'm trying to think of seven things I haven't told y'all yet. I tend to be pretty open on this little blog :)
  1. I can't/don't/won't drink wine other than Moscato, and I have to even cut that with a little sprite. Beer can be as dark as can be and I will love it, but I just can't seem to find a love of wine (other than the Olive Garden Moscato... SO GOOD!)
  2. I love old movies. Gone with the Wind; Yours, Mine and Ours; Wizard of Oz; Meet Me in St. Louis, etc. I love hearing the way they talk and using that as a little looking glass back in time. Perfect :)
  3. I still sleep with a "blankie" when I am at home at my parent's house. It is actually the comforter from the twin bed that matched my crib bedding when I was born. It is so soft and huge and I love it. I seriously considered bringing it to college with me.
  4. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of homemade gifts. Don't get me wrong, I love any gift that took some thought, but something that is homemade gets me every time. Stuart made me a huge heart out of records he melted together, spray painted red and then took 45's, melted them and cut out the centers and put pictures of us in them. Probably my favorite gift ever.
  5. I used to spit at the sign for UVA whenever we drove past it on 64. Now, I adore Charlottesville. I almost feel like I am turning my back on everything I know for love. Ridiculous, I know. That being said, I want engagement photos taken on the Lawn at UVA as well as the Drillfield at Tech. House divided baby!
  6. I love game shows and board games. Nicole and I watch the Newlywed game followed by Jeopardy every night. We also have more board games than two people should. One of my favorite activities is to stay in with some friends and a few beers and play a few board games. Just call me Mildred :)
  7. I'm a crier. I tear up over just about anything. I still cry whenever Stuart and I leave each other and I can't stand to see other people cry. I wish I could help it but I do like the color my eyes turn after I cry, haha.
Thanks again Claire! I am a little in a hurry and I love all of your blogs so if you want to answer the questions/need a blog prompt consider yourself awarded. You are all lovely ladies!

Happy Tuesday!

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Charlotte said...

I am such a crier too!!!!! Ah! Girl after my own heart!