Harryyy Pottah and Delivered Cookies

This summer Stuart and I spend the week before the last Harry Potter movie came out watching all of them (him for the billionth time, me for the first time) and now with the final movie coming out on DVD it is a HP weekend on ABCFam. Unfortunately for me I am spending tonight and most of tomorrow babysitting for a family that doesn't have cable. However, they do have the first two HP movies on dvd so I am currently watching them and waiting for my campus cookies to arrive :). Is it sad I had to order 7 dollars worth of cookies (and a Sbux drink) to get them to deliver? Haha.

Watching the HP movies made me think back to the first summer Stuart and I started dating.

You see, I used to go over to he and his friends house and watch movies with them almost every night. And pretty much every night, I would fall asleep in the middle of them, especially during the HP movies which I had no desire to see whatsoever.

We went from friends to dating that summer pretty quickly (like in a weeks time and neither one of us was expecting it) and I can distinctly remember my new boyfriend telling me that I was awfully cute when I was sleeping and I was awfully cute when I was awake, but I was just plain awful when someone woke me up. Sadly, that was him most evenings that he drove me home, haha :) It is still true to this day. I do NOT like to be woken up for ANY reason!

Also, I ordered my cookies over an hour ago and they were supposed to take 45 minutes. I am the most impatient person I know. Seriously, I need that chocolate to convince me that no one will break in and murder me tonight while I am alone in these people's house.

Thank goodness I am watching the 1st two HP's and not some of the last ones alone- those are scary themselves!!!

Hope y'all are having a more happening Friday than me!

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Heidi Southcombe said...

I would appreciate a little credit for awkwardly making you two realize you were on a date!