Pet Peeves

After having a little chat with one of my friends this morning (Claaaiiree) I got to thinking about my pet peeves. I know everyone has them and I think the different things that bother people are so interesting. Here are a few of mine:

1. People that scratch their tights/pantyhose. It seriously gives me the chills. I HATE IT. Thank God for leggings because I would never make it through winter without them to wear under my dresses. I also have a few pairs of cotton tights that work nicely as well :)
2. People That Type Like This. I have no idea why capitalizing each letter is appealing. First of all, it takes FOREVER to type that way and second of all, I want to know who your English teacher was. As someone with a B.A. in English, it literally pains me.
3. Other drivers. Period. I have the worst road rage haha.
4. Shirts that aren't long enough. If I buy them big enough to be long enough, they are too big. If I buy them small enough to fit, you can see my belly button. I think shirts should be sold in lengths too :)
5. Shipping costs on things I order online. Drives me cray crayyyy!

Do y'all have any pet peeves or share any of mine? Let me know!


Emily said...

haha I love this! The only time I type like that is for titles of things! I really don't like when people ~*TyPe LyKe ThIs*~ hahaha I'm a huge road rager too!

Michelle P said...

I'm with you on all of these. I have HORRIBLE rad rage.

Claire said...

HAHA I just LOLed! Yeaaah # 2 and 4!!!! 2 for
Obvious reasons... 4 because yesterday it poured all day long and at times I even had my 2 year old I nanny in the car and people STILL rode my a** !!!! People! It's wet with slippery wet leaves- slow your roll!

One of mine is people who kick the back of my chair, talk during movies, or who feel the need to have a running commentary during class. I'm here to hear the professor, not you! Ugh! Haha sometimes I think I need to live on an island by myself teehee

Xoxoxo on the look out for dry shampoo again today!