What I'm Loving...Thursday?

I didn't participate in Jamie's WILW like I usually do, but I thought I'd throw together a few things that I am loving on this Thursday :)

The shopping I got done and my J Crew package that I finally went to the UPS store and bought. I ended up getting two pairs of pants from LOFT for five dollars.  A pair of trouser jeans and a pair of capri's made in the same material! They were marked down to $4.88 per pair and all their sale stuff was 50% off. SOOOOOO happy! I love a good deal. Plus they were both in my size and were the only two left :). Score! That never happens to me because I tend to wear a size lots of people do. Here are the jeans. I also got two adorable J Crew tops and a super cute sheer shirt for going out in. I will be sure to post pictures when I wear them. I looked online and couldn't find any of them (as I tend to be a sale shopper, hehe)

 I had a great "roomie date" with Nicole today. We went to Roanoke to do said shopping and ending up heading to our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight for dinner. I was studying all night Tuesday night and she was at her boyfriend's last night so it was nice to just chat and hang out away from the house! Here we are earlier this fall at one of our favorite bars!

Stuart is on his way here as we speak! We never get to spend weekends together without a ton of plans and our only plans this weekend are to hang out, watch some football and go to dinner Saturday night with my little and her boyfriend. It will be so nice to do what we want when we want without having to worry about other people or work around schedules :)

Also, my little is getting baptized on Sunday and I could not be happier/prouder of her. She just started going to church more recently with her sweet boyfriend and I am so glad she has decided to make this step. We are going Sunday morning to be there for her and I am just thrilled to pieces. Love her so much!

On a much sillier note, Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood is coming back and I literally SCREAMED when I heard this morning. I LOVE TORI SPELLING! There, I said it. My dirty little secret. I have read all of her books and watched every season of her shows. I love her. I know I shouldn't, but I do. And I am thrilled she will be back on! Plussss this follows the pregnancy of little Hattie Margaret (not my favorite name but I love Liam and Stella) and I am so so so so so excited!

Have a great Thursday night y'all. I will be watching the season premiere of Bones and waiting for S to arrive!!!

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Charlotte said...

Glad you did a what i'm loving thursday! my days are so confused! im sure you are really excited to spend the weekend with stuart!