Not Charlie Sheen style.

Thanksgiving week style:

1. I win at celebrating Stuart's new job. He wins because he got the job. We love this adorable little Italian place in Williamsburg and we got to go (with a coupon!) there to celebrate. Love it. He was so embarrassed to be taking this picture of ourselves in the restaurant. Told him we had to for the blog!
 2. I win at making pies! I make these Toll House pies every Thanksgiving for my family and Stuart's family and they are always a hit. They are like chocolate chip cookie pies. Can't beat em.
 3. I win at choosing running gear for game day. I didn't even do this on purpose, but this is what I had packed to wear for my run through Cville this morning. I had two people high five me and no one yell ugly things at me. I would definitely say that was a win. Please notice my lovely old mascara as eye black to make this photo that much more tough.
 4. I win at cute house divided pictures (welllll really I win at having a cute boyfriend, I look exhausted). We finally got one! This was after our first score and its a darn good thing I got it then because I doubt it would have happened once we got up by 21 :)
 5. I WIN at being a HOKIE! Weeee shut out those hoos in hooville and oh my it was sweet. Weeeellll a little bittersweet cause I have an unhappy hoo at home tonight, but he will get over it. We are ACC Championship bound babaaayyy! I will be watching from a hotel somewhere in Tennessee after the big race, but I will be there in spirit! (Side note: I love bud means that I love our defensive coordinator, not illegal drugs or Bud Light... hehe)

Disclaimer: I know that "I win at" is not really proper grammar. I found it necessary for this post.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week!!! So happy to be a Hokie tonight!!!!!

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