The Rivalry

As most of you probably know, I attend the best university in the state of Virginia, and in my opinion, the nation :). I bleed orange and maroon and there is nothing I love more than supporting my Virginia Tech Hokies, especially in football.

Most of you also know that I date a wahoo, or a cavalier from UVa. My dad may have cringed when I told him Stuart and I were dating 2 1/2 years ago, but they've grown to like him a little ;).

I also spend a lot of time in Cville and I have grown to love that city. It has some great restaurants, is tucked in the mountains and I am my happiest when I am there (this probably has something to do with Stuart more than the town, haha). I even root for the 'hoos most days (last Saturday was a BIIIGG exception) and Stuart will root for my Hokies most days too. See! (Also notice I will wear the colors, but NOTHING that actually says UVa on it... Stuart wears Tech stuff, bahahahahah!)

However, Saturday is a BIG day. If my relationship makes it past this weekend, it will be a miracle.

Yes, we have played against each other for the Commonwealth Cup before. Yes, we have trashed talked each other for the past two years. But this year is different. This year, not only the Commonwealth Cup (the trophy for the winner of the Tech-UVa game) is on the line, but the coastal division championship for the ACC is as well.

Uva has been on fire this year. So have we. With one loss in early October, we are 10-1 and ranked number 5th in the nation (I thinkkkk this is a little high, but that is for another post). For ths first time, this game might be closely matched. I see UVa fans coming out of the woodwork and jumping on the bandwagon (Stuart has been a tried and true fan through all the terrible years, so I am not talking about him). But the Hokie faithful is tried and true. We will take over Cville Saturday, not only in person, but in morale.

I will be there in all my glory, dressed in my orange and maroon, prepared for some outlash that will be especially nasty this year. I will be tailgating on Stuart's front porch near the stadium surrounded by other Hokie fans, sure to piss of his neighbors, but I don't care. I will be there screaming and cheering for my boys, my seniors, those guys that have never lost to dear ole UVa and won't be losing this weekend.

Sure, Stuart and I will spend Tgiving with each other this year like every year. And yes, we are going to love each other regardless of the trash talk and the outcome of this weekend. But I don't know if we are in the position to like each other at all on Saturday. And to dislike each other one day a year is okay with me, as long as my team is the one winning.

Here's to a house divided and a HOKIE win on Saturday!


Claire said...

Y'all are just too cute in each other's colors! I must say
Though that my childhood was spent at the UVA games- literally everyone in the mond travels there for games... Maybe a tech game is in my future!

Katie & Ryan said...

I feel your pain! I'm spending the holidays with uva husband and his uva family (I will be the only hokie in attendance). It's such a stressful situation! Oh the things we do for love ;)

Husband is much more laid back about everything, which is good because I get myself all worked up over football games. I don't know what would happen if we were both crazy like that! Heaven knows what will happen when we have kids...I should just sign them up for therapy now.

Have fun watching the game on Saturday! I especially like the second to last sentence of your post :) GO HOKIES!