Wolff Parkinson What?

Last night I ended up in the ER around 11:00 pm for some chest/arm pain that had been bothering me for a few hours. I called my Momma to ask her what to do, and of course, she, like any good Momma, sent me to the ER. Nicole came with me thank goodness and we were off to the hospital that is 30 mins away instead of the one that is 10 minutes away because the ER wait time was shorter...logical? Ha!

Anyways, we got there and things went quickly at first, and then they stalled. We ended up watching parts of some terrible Patrick Swayze movie, I think it was called Red Dawn? Terrible. Soviets and an alternate universe... I was definitely dying for some Dirty Dancing at that point.

Because I had to have heart monitors placed on me, the male nurse I had called in a female nurse to do it so he didn't see my "breastizes." Yes, that is what he said. I am not kidding.

Eventually the doc came in (after two nurses and a med student), and he was a hoot! He ended up talking to us about his motorcycle and said that he wasn't concerned about me because I wasn't a sixty year old fat guy (no offense to my sixty year old fat guy readers) and proceeded to tell me I was going home soon.

Butttt nothing for me is as easy as it seems. I had two abnormal EKG's and they had to do more tests. The doctor was baffled that no one had seen this before and determined I have Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. At that point three nurses and another doctor all came in to check out my EKG because several of them hadn't seen anything like it before. I felt kind of like a celebrity, and kind of like a freak. It became a regular partttaayyy. Fortunately Ghost came on, one of P Swayze's best films and we got to watch some while we were waiting for other test results.

Of course my sister, parents and Stuart were all freaking out through this, and once I let them know all was well they went to sleep. We didn't leave the hospital til close to 4am. Indeed a trip to Sheetz for a late night snack was needed and then we were on our way to our beds. The doctor was even nice enough to give Nicole a note so she didn't have to go to class today because we were in the ER so late.

I have to start taking medication and have an appointment with the cardiologist soon, but I'm not too concerned.

And, I must share with you this gem my padre sent me this morning. Background: we get him a Jeff Foxworthy calendar every year and this is what he found today.
And this was our conversation:
That man is a hoot!

Happy Monday!


Charlotte said...

Glad you're ok! The ER is no fun!

Claire said...

Omg! Glad you're okay! This is a hoot though! Why was all the P Swayze on???