Happy Tuesday Loves!

We are only 3.5 days from the weekend... but who's counting, right?

Anyways I just thought I'd drop in and share a few thoughts with you in my favorite format... bullet points!  I'm thinking this might be a "seriously" post. Meaning I will end each sentence with seriously. It is one of my favorite things to say in real life, and I know we all have things we say "seriously?!?" to :) One of my favorite bloggers, From Mrs. to Mama  does a link up like this sometimes and it is too much fun!
  • Stuart's surgery went great, so a big thanks to y'all that said a prayer for him :) We spent the weekend watching movies and TV which was a much needed break, seriously.
  • My hard drive is currently being replaced as we speak, so thank goodness I will be back in regular blogging order soon! My hope is that it will be done today. I cannot live without it. Seriously.
  • After a slight crisis last week, it is official: I will be walking in May and graduating officially in August. Phew, it is about time for me to be done with this school business! Seriously!!!
  • People who smoke close to me in a closed stairwell bug me. It is bad for my health, and also against university policy. Quit it. You want to give yourself lung cancer, fine. But don't smoke on top of me. Seriously. I mean it.
  • Veggie subs from Subway are the best. Seriously.
  • Y'all are the best, seriously. But really, you are. I live for your comments... is that nerdy? Ha!
Have a great Tuesday y'all... seriously.


Michelle P said...

That's exciting about you graduating!

Sarah said...

Congrats on knowing you'll be graduating! WOOHOO!

Claire said...

YAY for walking in May!!! I'll be texting you later... Friends is on, hope you're watching!

Caitlin Guindon said...

Gosh how I wish it was the weekend! :) So glad to hear the surgery went well!

I can't STAND people who smoke so close to me! Ickkk