So What Wednesday!

One of my favorite link-ups is So What Wednesday over with Shannon at Life After I Do . It is such a fun way to get out some confessions ;).

  • If I haven't bought books yet and classes started yesterday? I am a fifth year senior... I know not all of them are necessary ;)
  • If our Christmas trees are still up in the Condo. We didn't get back til Monday night and I'm still enjoying the glow, hah!
  • If I am now completely wedding OBSESSED! Nicole and I have been planning her wedding the entire time we've been back. Anyone have any ideas that would go well with a yellow and blue wedding held in early May?
  • If I am trying desperately to eat healthy but I bought a bar of Dove dark chocolate yesterday. It was on clearance!!!
  • If I about had a fit in Targ yesterday when I discovered someone had come and bought ALL of the college ruled notebook paper. Girlfriend can't write as much on that dumb wide ruled!
  • If I plan my outfits in my head while laying in bed hitting the snooze button, just so I can sleep a little more instead of having to figure it out after my shower. Planning ahead? Ha!
Have a great Wednesday y'all!


Amanda said...

I would have thrown a fit about the college ruled too. And I totally plan in my head both in bed and in the shower! I need to be better about picking outfits the night before, then I can really enjoy an extra snooze ;)

Elle said...

Oh I'm with ya on the books! One of my professors told us today that there is no textbook. Funny joke considering I stupidly bought the REQUIRED textbook from some chick on ebay and idk if she will let me return it :/ Apparently, because there are so many sections of this class some professors use a book and some don't! ugh

Meg {henninglove} said...

why would target not keep paper in stock?? geesh think people think!! i always waited until the actual class started before i bought textbooks, why waste my money?

Claire said...

I'm 5 years old and use wide ruled teehee! Omg take down your Christmas tree! Also I cut my hair off today- embracing the fact that my wedding hair do will now be short... EEEK!