Guess Who's Back, Back Again

I am back, tell a friend.

(Nothing like a little Eminem to introduce a post)

Finallllllyyy, after a journey that started at eight am this morning, I am back in Blacksburg!

However, I will be back in the 757 nursing Stuart back to health this weekend after his surgery on Friday. But, before that I have four days of classes ahead. I'm actually excited to get things started because this will be my last semester in college... EVER! I still have a field study to complete this summer but I will be doing that out in the field (duhhhh), so it won't be like I'm in a classroom.

I know many of you started last week and I feel so behind. While an extra week of relaxation was nice, I am ready to be back in a schedule. My roommate and I are going to work on eating healthier and working out more, I am going to try to kick some butt in my classes and I want to spend a little quiet time with God in the mornings. No time like the present!

I'm thinking to be a little more organized this semester I will need these few things to get through:

  • Sharpie Pens, my fav! I always order them on Amazon

  • My monogrammed Tervis Tumbler filled with coffee in the morning and water for the rest of the day :)

  • My iPhone! Goodness knows I couldn't survive without this thing. Love, love, love it!

Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

Welcome back to Blacksburg! Too bad it's been cold & rainy! :( Hope you have a great first day! Btw, I lovvvve Sharpie pens, too! Just restocked :)

Claire said...

757 and the 804 miss you haha! Today is my first day too! And I just happen to have all of those things with me too! Yay!!!!