It's Okay!

Good afternoon! I just checked my counter and I got several new followers yesterday... welcome! I loved the comments a few of you left yesterday :) They do seriously make my day.

I haven't linked up for It's Okay Thursday with Amber and Neely in a while and it is one of my favorites. Y'all head over and let out some of your confessions too!

It's okay...

  • to always complain when you are constantly busy during the semester, but also complain a little about being really bored when you have nothing to do over break!
  • to have ordered a really nice, really popular planner and only remember three weeks into break that you left in in Blacksburg... guess I haven't needed it for much!!
  • to use too many exclamation points! (sometimes I annoy myself though, haha)
  • to throughly enjoy pretty much everything on TLC beyond the tattoo shows. 
  • to still be REALLY ANGRY about the outcome of the Sugar bowl and hide everyones stories about it on Facebook so you can avoid being reminded as much as possible.
  • to spend your Victoria's Secret gift card on some pj's and makeup... the pj's are satin (and sexy/sweet) and I needed that makeup!!
  • to consider M&M's a food group.
  • to love that your BFF texted you with a list of JCrew stores that carry bridesmaid dresses and you are not even engaged yet. JCrew never goes out of style :)
  • to want to ask old people when they will be dying every time they ask me when I will be getting engaged. You aren't rushing to the next life step people, stop expecting me to!
Happy Thursday y'all! 


Anonymous said...

Haha I love these! I'm still VERY bitter about the Sugar Bowl, I can barely talk about it!

jMc said...

I am the same way! I complain about being too busy during the semester but get a little tired of not having a routine during break. I have noticed I use too many !! and I am trying to tone it down a little :) Have a great day!

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

M&M's are a food group! :-)

Cait said...

duhhh of course m&ms are a food group ;) ha cute blog!

Jenn :D said...

Your last comment--so true harsh, but true baha. Glad you joined in!

Love and Lilly said...

I keep hiding Sugar Bowl stories too... and TLC has to be one of my favorite networks! So many fun, ridiculous people who make me feel so much better about my life!!!

Cori H. said...

I'm obsessed with exclamation points! Oh, and I hate when people always ask when you're getting engaged. You don't see us asking them ridiculous questions about their next life stage.

Claire said...

HAHAHA stop asking old people if they are dying! I laughed out loud!!! And stop being bored because I will hopefully be there soon :) But I understand your frustration with yourself about exclamation points... I feel like a period is dull, boring, and sometimes mean but an exclamation point makes it seem like I'm yelling or overly excited about something mundane. There should be something in between.