Thoughts on Thursday

I like the alliteration so I'm sticking to thoughts on Thursday, even though it is a mere half an hour from Friday!

  • I just arrived back home after being in Bburg for a few days. A few stressful days at that. For the last 24 hours my graduation status has been in limbo, but thanks to lots of prayers and advice from my momma, me calling everyone that has ever considered working for Virginia Tech and an advisor that actually listened to me, all is well! I am so relieved!

  • The reason I am home is because Stuart is having surgery tomorrow... blech! I will be getting up early for my own appointment tomorrow and then heading to the hospital with him (and his mom). It's a pretty simple procedure but prayers are welcome!

  • Anyone else grossed out by the commercial of the girl that is literally throwing up her accomplishments? I know it is an above the influence commercial but I do not appreciate my Friends watching being interrupted by vomit noises. Nastaaayy.

  • Any new shows out (or old shows I might not be watching) that both Stuart and I will enjoy? We love comedies like How I Met Your Mother or Friends, and crime/medical shows like Psych or Castle. He will be laid up all weekend (until I take him back to school) and I know I am going to need something to watch while he sleeps off his meds ;). 

Hope you all have a great start to your weekend!!


Claire said...

Yay for Stuart being alright!!!

Claire said...

My phone keeps freezing my comments so I'll text you after class... No I'm not in class