"I'll Be With Him, On That Midnight Train to Georgia..."

'Cause I'd rather live in his world, than live without him in mine."

(Gotta love Gladys Knight & the Pips!)

Hi y'all,

While I love doing lighthearted posts and fun link ups, tonight my mind is on things a little more serious. Or serious for this girl at least. I'm entering my last semester of college (for real this time!) and after my field study this summer at home, I am a free woman. Kind of.

Stuart has had a few job offers two of which he is considering right now. One in his college town which I absolutely adore, and one right outside Atlanta in the same town my aunt and uncle live in. At this point, I am ready to follow him. And it is a decision we are talking about making together, while still keeping in mind each other's best interests (as far as career is concerned).

I'm honestly torn with where I want to be when it comes down to Charlottesville and Atlanta. I love both places dearly and both places have people that I love (which is a big bonus!). We have always talked about living in/around a big city, and for me Atlanta is the perfect place. I have family there, one of my best friends is there and I just love it in general. But, we both adore Charlottesville, the small town feel, the running culture and the great restaurants! Plus it is only 2 1/2 hours from our parents and our hometown, compared to the 10 hours from our hometown to Atlanta.

Realistically, Atlanta is a better place for me to find a job. Right now, I want to work in higher ed with the possibility of working my way into something Child Life related. The Child Life specialist I know lives in Atlanta, and my aunt has a ton of connections down there. Plus, there are way more colleges within driving distance of Atlanta than in Charlottesville.

But I would be happy in Charlottesville too, if I could find a job. I would even work for UVA if it came down to it ;) (Seriously though, I would love to work for UVA).

Has anyone else ever faced this? The unknown scares me, but my comfort is that wherever we go, the most important person in my life will be making that step with me.

(Disclaimer: I won't be moving anywhere until I have a job. As much as I will miss him, I need to be an adult and take care of myself. Fingers crossed I can find a job wherever he is!).

I would love to hear from you if you are struggling with this too!

Happy Tuesday night!!

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Sarah said...

The unknown scares me more than anything! At least y'all are (more or less) on the same page as far as being together, finding jobs and you are willing to adjust your plans to be with him. I'll be crossing my fingers for you both! :)