I don't know about y'all, but I spend A LOT of time planning. It is in my nature, and to not have a plan kills me. I spend a ton of time planning and dreaming about the future. I want to be engaged and married and a mom and all those things. But right now I am trying to live in the moment. I want to experience joy from where I am right now, because this is my last semester of living with my best friend and roommate before we both tackle the big girl world. Here are a few of my "single college girl" joys:

  • Popcorn and/or cereal for dinner. LOVE THIS! Love that I can eat what I want without having to worry about anyone else. Sometimes Nicole and I cook together, but there are nights when snacks>meals.
  • Big bed alllll to myself. I have the best bed, it is so soft and comfy and I love to sprawl out in it while watching Friends before I go to bed without anyone asking to change the channel :).
  • I can get up for my 8am without a stitch of makeup in yoga pants and a sweatshirt without having to worry about a job that starts at the same time that I would have to be dressed for!
  • I live with one of my best friends (not to say that when I am living with S he won't be my best friend) and we can spend the day watching wedding shows and laughing and talking about girl stuff without interruption.
  • I still get to go hang out in my college bars with my friends. I am going to miss DT Blacksburg dearly come May.
  • On the weekends I can sleep in til whenever I want. This is mainly one I will get to enjoy for several more years before little bambinos come along, but I definitely appreciate it now!!
  • My room and apartment are so much my (and Nicole's) taste. We have a cupcake calendar in the kitchen and Hokie wine bottles/flip flops adoring our living room. Living with a boy will mean more gender neutral decor.
  • I can watch chick flicks whenever I want, without having to share the remote!
  • No one is directly dependent on me for their livelihood, I get to be a little selfish in my choices and I appreciate that so much.
  • I have so many choices and so much life ahead of me (I hope!) I get to make my own destiny, and that power is a pretty cool choice!

This is not to say that I won't be happy to move to the next step, because I am sure that will be full of as much joy, and maybe even more. But right now, I'm trying to stick in the moment I am in, even though that moment includes exams, papers and a (semi)long-distance relationship. God gave me this life I am in now, to enjoy now. :) Anyone else finding joy in their today?


Charlotte said...

You are so positive! Thanks for that post tonight... Sometimes I just need to revel in others' joy!

Laura said...

Love this post! Especially love love love cereal for dinner...and popcorn if I'm at the movies!