Fingers Crossed and Iphone Dump

So I just updated some software on my computer in hopes that I might have outrun the spontaneously turn-off bug that it acquired a few days weeks ago. Here's to hoping that did the trick and I can be back into my regular blogging and (ahhhh!) schoolwork coming up next week!

Here's what I've been up to lately:
 Buying a vintage-esque doorknob in Anthropologie to start a new tradition :) We decided this doorknob will be on our bedroom in every house we live in. Right now it is living in Charlottesville at Stuart's house because it fits in really well with the decor!

Hitting 100,000 miles on the way back from Atlanta! I think this car has had many trips in its short five years of life ;).

 Cheering on the Hokies with friends. Notice everyone in orange and maroon except Stuart. Typical!

 Teaching momma how to throw a proper "VT!" (And getting instagram!)

 A late night show at a comedy club in NN. This guy was a magician and a comedian and he was hilarious and super nice! Gemini is his name and he's been on Comedy Central. That night was just me and the boys (Stuart, Corey and Brian)

 Visiting a friend with Hev in Chesapeake. This is HIS freezer. Yep, HIS. Does it not look like a sorority girl freezer (aka MINE?!?) Ha!

 Homemade pretzel making kit we made while we were snuggled up with the sniffles yesterday. They were delicious but not quite as good as Auntie Anne's! I'm thinking they won't be hiring us there anytime soon

Sniffling and watching seasons of the Big Bang Theory! I love this boy and the fact that we can have fun even if we are sharing a box of tissues, ha!

I'm off to catch up on some pinning and watching Tori and Dean on the DVR with my box of tissues. Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!!


Love and Lilly said...

Love the Hokie pride!! And I think that my poor little car will be hitting 100K before it's 5 year mark.. the 60 mile round trip commute everyday doesn't help too much with that!!

Claire said...

Ah Big Bang, love it! Y'all are adorable, and I LOOOOVE the idea of the doorknob!!!! May have to steal itttt