Y'all, It Aint Pretty

I'm going to be real right now... if you don't follow college football you probably don't want to read this.

I am not a happy camper. At all. Our coaching tonight could have been better, but the big nail in the coffin was when the refs TOOK AWAY a touchdown from senior receiver and all around good guy Danny Coale. He deserved that catch, that game winning touchdown in overtime and they stole it from the poor kid.

If you are curious or want to see more, here is a link to a youtube clip. Danny Coale catch

I might have definitely cried. Those are my boys. My players. My people. And I am about as loyal as they come. I was so proud of their fight, their gall and their respectful attitudes tonight. I know some of y'all feel the same about your teams and you feel those emotional ups and downs like I do. Let me know if you are one of them!! I like a certain kind of kinship :)

I've been watching football since birth practically. My daddy never had any sons so he passed his passion on to me and I have never looked back. I even considered majoring in some kind of sports broadcasting, but I realized I didn't want to turn something I enjoy into something I had to do. I love college ball. And I LOVE my Hokies. I think we proved we ABSOLUTELY deserved to be there, probably even more than Michigan. If you look at stats, definitely more than Michigan.

I know a few of my hokie girls, Sarah and Ashley will agree. So glad to have you girls cheering for our boys with me through the blogger world!!

If you made it all the way through, props to you. I write this blog for me and to remember events and feelings and tonight was raw y'all. It was emotional and exhausting. But I come out prouder to be someone that lost by points but won on both the field and as a team. I will always, always, always be proud to be a Hokie. Nothing is better than my Hokie Nation.


Counting down the days to kickoff 2012!


Love and Lilly said...

That was the most intense, emotionally trying, and exhausting game I have ever watched. I can't say that it wasn't 99% a great game, but a few bad calls (and maybe that one bad play -- WHYYYYYYYYY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU ROUGH THE PUNTER!) just killed us. But we all know that deep down, Michigan knows that they got a huge break with the refs overturning that touchdown!!

Still so fired up about this. But, only 269 days left until kickoff!

Sarah said...

AMEN. It was a heartbreaking night, for sure. I watched at Bull & Bones and everyone was going crazy. The look on Danny's face after that call made me want to cry my eyes out (and maybe I did...)
At least everyone knows who deserved the win, and that was us. No matter what the scoreboard says!

Cori H. said...

I was so sad for the Hokies. That game was stolen from them. I know I'd be heartbroken if my team had gone through that!