View From the Top

Ah, we are almost to Thursday :). I'm thinking the Groundhog may not see his shadow tomorrow because of the super mild winter we have had!

Claire and I have both dedicated ourselves to this February Photo a Day Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim and I think it is going to be so much fun!

Today's photo was "your view" and since I spent most of my day on campus and a majority of that time at work, this was my view from most of the day. Sitting at my desk in the Architecture office looking out into students viewing an exhibit and out into studio. I have this view most days of the week! I love the glass doors and design, even though it is not always the most practical!

Right now I am working on a list of groceries for some pinterest finds I am making for Stuart when he comes this weekend :). Should be a low key weekend in with a fun double date for the Super Bowl on Sunday! Can't wait!!

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Claire said...

I would walk into those doors on the reg! Beeteedubs I was thinking about going private once I made the big change we talked about yesterday so I can be open about where we go and restaurants etc- what do you think??