Sometimes and Always

I just found this adorable link-up over at Mackey Madness and I thought it might be a perfect blog for a Tuesday afternoon. Plus her name is Megan, and it is spelled the RIGHT way (in my humble opinion haha), so it must be fate :)

Sometimes... I think I might give up Diet Coke,
Always... I end up drinking one!

Sometimes... I over analyze EVERYTHING
Always... I know who is in control of my life. Big thanks to the Big Man Upstairs!!

Sometimes... I think I might watch something else before bed. 
Always... I end up watching Friends :)

Sometimes... I dread the drive to Charlottesville.
Always... I end up going because Stuart is worth all that driving ;)

Sometimes... I think saving money is a good idea.
Always... I end up finding something on sale I have to have ;) 

What a cute link-up. Y'all head on over!


Claire said...

Fun!!! This IS a cute link up! And we aaaall know which one I agree with! Sometimes I think I'm going to watch GG for the whole time, and then Friends just pulls me back in! Svu marathon is on right now hooray!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I've been on a crazy Paleo Diet (except I can't live without my Diet Coke!!!!).

Cori H. said...

I love Friends! I usually end up watching it before I go to bed. I'm such an over-analyzer too. It's hard to give up that control that I love to have. Hope you're having a great week!

Megan said...

We definitely have the right spelling! Haha! I actually gave up diet coke...FINALLY!! And now I'm addicted to Sprite. I lose. Haha.

Thanks for linking up with me!