Yummy Pinterest Recipies (I hope?)

This weekend I am grabbing the supplies to make a few recipes I found on Pinterest. Where else? Stuart will be arriving sometime Saturday Morning and will be here through Monday morning. :) My little and her boyfriend are coming over Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl with us and I have to be careful with what I fix because Heather is a vegetarian (for the most part).

Anyways, here is what I found! Let me know if you have made any of these/how they turned out. I still haven't been to the grocery store yet ;)

Avocado Grilled Cheese found here. Stuart adores anything with avocado and I think this will be a good lunch/dinner for us when he gets here. I love that it is a little more grown up grilled cheese!

Crock pot French Onion Soup found here for Super Bowl Sunday. No meat (it is made with beef broth but she can tolerate that I think ), warm and yummy! This is another one of S's favs and I'm hoping I can pull it off and this will be come a staple since it seems to be so easy! Plus I can use some left over french bread from our grilled cheeses :). I LOVE that this can be made in the crock pot. Easy peasy. 

Low fat chocolate cupcakes with glaze from here. Yes, after all that cheese I think we will need at least sommmeeethingggg low fat ;). I love how light these are and the glaze is such a good alternative to frosting. :)

I also have lots of fresh veggies and apples for sides to the sandwiches and salads to go with the soup. I am so excited to dive into these recipes and I will let y'all know how they go!

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Ashley said...

French Onion Soup is my FAVORITE winter meal! That recipe looks delicious!