It's Okay Thursday!

I thought I'd link up with Neely and Amber for another round of "It's Ok" Thursday :)

It's Okay:
  • That I woke up and threw on yoga pants and a sweatshirt for class, then came home, showered and put leggings and a sweatshirt on, it's a yucky day!
  • That I thought I had brownie mix in my cabinet when I invited my little over to watch movies and then discovered it was cake mix and I had no icing... I ended up making them into cookies!
  • That I want one of those cookies so bad right now but I am trying to eat well and lose a few pounds before spring break!
  • That I start each of these sentences with "That I" and end them with an exclamation point. Clearly I like having a system!
  • That I have spent the day watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix with my roommate instead of doing anything productive... at least I made it to class?
  • That I am super excited about having a girls weekend with Nicole! We are going wedding dress shopping, we might see a movie or two and will just hang out. We haven't done this in forever and I am so excited!
  • That I look forward to my devotional every night and spending time with God, but I fell asleep last night during my prayer... I did wake up at some point and finish it, haha.
  • That I have a ton of stuff fun coming up but I have no money currently... at least I have a fund at home that I can pull some out of for fun stuff. :)
  • That I haven't blogged much this week... sometimes you just have an off week.
Happy Thursday y'all!


Cori H. said...

It was definitely a yucky day. I so didn't feel like dressing up for work today, but I forced myself since we had clients coming in. I always seem to fall asleep whenever I pray at night. Hope you have a great weekend!

Claire said...

Um whatever about your outfit choice haha! I wore lululemon and bean boots to school all day yesterday. Let me tell ya- they really don't go that well together. Hahaha yesterday was awful weather-wise! Wish you were here to go to Moe's with me!