Weekend Update

This post is going to be a ton of pictures and very few words since I have a math test that I should be studying for and I may or may not be still in Cville with Stuart. I just can't seem to tear myself away most weekends ;).

Friday we headed up to Carter's Mountain for some apple cider, apple picking and apple cider donuts. This is one of my favorite traditions that we do and I had been dying to go! It was so cold Friday that we immediately went to get some hot cider. Here we are out on the deck enjoying our cider :).
 Seriously that's a huge majority of Cville behind me. So, so, so pretty, even on a dreary day!
 Our view walking up to the Fiji part of the apple orchard. It was quite the hike!
 Apple picking! I didn't know he was taking the picture of me but my hair look so long for me (and windblown, haha)

 Our annual picture :) We had an older gentleman take it and I was showing him how to use the camera on my iPhone and he told me, "I got onna these, I know how to do it!" Too cute!
 Stuart's friend Corey came up for the weekend so we could celebrate his birthday. Here are the cupcakes I made and I put them in a 22 for his 22nd birthday!
 Right before I brought the cupcakes out we discovered it was snowing. SOOOOOO incredibly crazyyyyy.
 So after going to bed about 2:30 Saturday morning we got up at 5:30, packed up the car and headed down to Durham to watch our Hokies take on Duke (that was an u.g.l.y. game and we were incredibly lucky to come out with a win). Needless to say I was exhausted. It is all backroads for about 95% of the trip and after 60 miles with no bathroom, this was my option. Needless to say I was incredibly thankful for my squatting skills. Believe me, if there had been any other option I would have taken it. Of course, after we stopped here (and the man charged someone's gas to my card) we found a nice, clean gas station a few miles down the road.
 This is the only picture we took at Duke because I was tired (haha check out my eyes) and it was so, so, so cold. After screaming my voice out because we were playing sooooooo terrible (and a few questionable calls from the refs) we hopped back in the car and headed home.
Once we got back, we headed to a bar to eat dinner and watch most of the GT-Clemson game (I was so rooting for Clemson for the ACC's sake and now I am sooooo nervous about playing GT next Thursday in Atlanta). We came back and despite the fact that Stuart's roommates were throwing a huge Halloween party and he and Corey were watching a comedian on super loud so they could hear it over the party, I passed out.

It was a jam packed weekend but so much fun! Have a great week y'all!


Claire said...


Claire said...

That was a test to see if my comment would post from my phone! Y'all are too cute- that's a ton of driving! I have always wanted to go to Carter's mountain!!! Looks jut fabulous and Fall-y! No snow for the 804 THANK GOD I can't handle that yet!!!! Xoxoxo