Thirsty Thursday

Not really. I have had water, diet coke and coffee today, but the T in thirsty just goes so well with the T in Thursday, don't you think? Haha.

This is the best Thursday I have had in a while. I got up and went to class, went on a b-e-a-u-tiful run downtown and then spent the rest of the day with my roomie. :) Side note: does anyone else get side stitches in the same spot every time they run? Cause I have been having them in the exact same spot on my side for the past two or three weeks. They cause me to have to stop and stretch and are killing my times!

I am currently in the middle of mountains of laundry (but seriously, I have a huge hill of it in my dining room currenty), watching a frightening movie with my roommate and waiting on Stuart to arrive. I am such a rager, I know.

I found an adorable tribal print skirt at a store in the mall today. It is totally the opposite of my style... it is tight and kind of short, but I think it will look adorable with a black top. Plus, it was thirteen dollars. I want a black top with wide sleeves that I will tuck in and then wear with heels. Seriously, it is so different than anything I own, but when I walked out in it my roommate demanded that I buy it. Here it is:
Just fyi, it is not THAT short on me, and it comes up a little higher. Also, I will wear a shirt. I will however take that perfectly flat stomach that the model has. Oh, and her thighs, haha.

Here's a question. Is my option only black with this, or can I use it as a neutral and play it up with some color? I am definitely someone who has a classic style and being trendy scares me! Haha.
Have a great night!


Kristin B said...

Great skirt!! Oh and yes I get that darn stitch in my side too... but a coach once told me to run with my thumb and pinky pressed hard together and the pain would subside. Perhaps it's mental, but it works!

Michelle P said...

That skirt is cute! And I definitely think you could wear a colored shirt with it.

Claire said...

Wish I has gone on a run today... Lie. Haha! But I did get a walk in!!! I'll be emailing you back tomorrow but mr c laughed at your 757 comment haha quite the chuckle! Good luck w your laund! I think that skirt would look oh so fine with a Tiffany blue or fun color! Black too obviously! Happy thirsty Thursday to you! (I "raged" with a can of fresca hollaaa)