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Hope y'all had a great weekend! I know I did, I didn't pick up my computer once :) Sadly, I didn't really pick up my camera either, haha. But oh my goodness. If y'all follow college football, I hope you caught our game yesterday. It was definitely a nail biter, and absolutely the reason why I follow college football!

We played Miami, known as the "U" yesterday, and I would be willing to say we have one of the nastiest rivalries with them that goes unrecognized in college football. We were powerhouses in the Big East and came into the ACC at the same time. My biased opinion would say they play pretty nasty, and they have recently come into a whole mess load of citations by the NCAA; if you want more info you can read here. But I doubt y'all wanna hear my full opinion on this topic, haha.

Anyways, the 'canes came to town and were ready to play. Stuart came up this weekend, as well as some of Nicole's friends, so we had a full house this weekend (eight people!). We spent Friday night tearing up downtown and were all thankful for a 3:30 start time on Saturday afternoon :)

We ended up heading out to tailgate around 10:30 or so and thus discovered we didn't have a folding table. So, we ended up bringing our dining room table and beer pong table... I am not kidding. It worked perfectly though :) Here is Nicole with our set up!

We walked in to Lane pumped up and ready to play after the nasty loss to Clemson last week. And play we did. I don't think I stopped screaming for four quarters and we only sat down during halftime (it's a huge deal in the student section if you sit... you will get ridiculed until you stand!). I even have a shirt that says "you can sit when you graduate!"

We took an early lead and played balls to the wall for three quarters solid. Then the Miami O started to wear down our D and things got ugly in the 4th quarter. However, we pulled it out. There is a video that is going around and you can hear the announcers say "these people are going out of their minds" cause we were so loud and so into what was happening. I don't think I took a breath for two minutes. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blzftASduNc. (It wouldn't embed for some reason). Even people that aren't Tech fans seem to get chills from it. It was amazing. Trust me. You'll see how the game ended :)

Side note: we jump up and down to Enter Sandman at the beginning of the game when the team runs in. So it tends to get us pumped up!

Here is the picture I sent to my mom since she and my dad were at a wedding. Before this, they hadn't missed a home Virginia Tech game in over ten years!

I know this is getting long, and for those of you that don't care about football, it was probably pretttyyy boring. But this would rank up there with my top three favorite games and I wanted this for my records :)

Stuart and I finished the evening by going on a little date to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and spent the rest of the night watching the Auburn-Arkansas game :) Perfect little Saturday. Now I am off to babysit and then study for an exam. Have a happy Sunday!!!

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Brittany said...

That was an awesome video! I love football, theres nothing like being the stadium on gameday. I am a big Alabama fan!

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