Guilty as Charged

Things are rather boring 'round these parts but I have been thinking lately about some of my guilty indulgences. I think we all have them and I'd love to know what some of y'alls are!

  • TLC. I love this channel. From the Duggars to Extreme Couponing to Sister Wives to the Little Couple, this is my reality TV go to. As a teenager I lived for episodes of A Wedding Story and A Baby Story (I loved finding out the baby names but would change the channel for the gory parts, haha)

  •  Chocolate. Especially Pretzel M&M's. I know I should consume less since I literally could eat them by the bowlful. And sometimes I do. Whoops. But they are so good. I love the peanut butter and pretzel mixed together. THE BEST!!

  • Online shopping. One of my friends always turns to me to help her find the best deals via Google. And I have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting a good deal. I can't wait to get my iPhone on Friday so I always have access to figure out the best deals!
  • Boots. I love boots. I have five six SEVEN pairs in my closet right now. Seriously. Seven. I love them so much I am always wanting more. Right now I am borrowing Heather's dads cowboy boots and I am secretly hoping a certain boy that I call Boots (seriously, Stuart and I call each other boots) will stumble upon the link I have saved for Christmas or my birthday ;).
  • Blogs. Seriously y'all. I love reading yours. I get the best ideas and all my friends think I'm a genius when really it is you guys. So thanks ;) (Don't worry I always usually give credit where credit is due!)
  • TV in general. But specifically reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Will and Grace, Reba, How I Met Your Mother, and other wonderful 90's and early 2000's sitcoms. Plus Dawson's Creek. Best show ever. Seriously. Love. I use them as background noise constantly. 
Do y'all have anything you indulge in? I know I wouldn't be the same without mine although I could probably cut back on all of them!!


Anonymous said...

I love TLC -- especially the Duggars and Extreme Couponing! Surprisingly, my fiance was the one who got me hooked. He is a sucker for those kinds of shows! I don't always (ever) get to watch tv because I spend any of my free time blogging! Much better choice..

Claire said...

I used to watch way to much of those Duggars! I love Bravo too! And I am LOVING your new blog design- not sure when it happened but I missed it haha! FRIENDS is my life- I own all 10 seasons and watch it sometimes for like hours, it's so bad. I'm like a bump on a log when it's on. Did you know they play it on nick at nite now? Crazy! XOXO have a great day blog friend :)