A Quick Tuesday Post

Happy Tuesday y'all... is it Thursday yet?

I am currently taking a few minutes to blog that I probably should be running. To be fair, it would take me a lot longer to drive to McComas, run and drive back than it will for me to write this blog post. I am currently in the middle of studying for two midterms I have tomorrow... blech. I am not a studier. Give me a prompt and I can give you a paper, and a pretty darn good one at that. But tests are not for me. At all.

In other news, Stuart will be heading to Bburg this weekend and I could not be more excited. I hate long distance so much. One day we might end up in the same town. I keep praying for it!

A little update on 1/2 marathon training:
1. I am not running near as much as I should be. In fact, I haven't run since Friday. I knew this week would be a mess. I might be able to slip a run in tomorrow, at least a short one.
2. At least I am making all of my long runs. Last week was 5 miles. This week is 6. I'm planning on getting that done on Thursday.
3. My times are getting better too. I never knew that I could run two miles under 17 minutes.
4. After reading a ton of running blogs, I feel like I should be running 8 minute miles. I think I might be able to run one mile in a little over 8 minutes. I know I just started, but I keep putting this crazy pressure on myself.
5. We have surpassed our halfway goal! Less than 8 weeks to race day!
6. That scares me. Only 8 weeks. Ahhhhhh.

Anyone have any running encouragement for me? Everything I've read says not to place a time goal for your first 1/2, but this is my first race period beyond a 5K I ran two years ago for the victims of April 16th (I wanted to run last year but it got rained out).

Have a great night! This girl needs to get back to Family Financial Management and Family Law and Public Policy... woooo.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Good luck on the marathon! Adrenaline will kick in and you will kick butt!

Claire said...

Loved our little email back and forth last night! Let's do it again soon! Good luck on your midterms! And you've inspired me to start running again- yikes. Wish me luck! I did a half marathon a year ago just about and LOVED IT!