Happy Wednesday and Iphone Photo Dump

I have finally made it into the 21st century and it feels so good! I just got my iphone and it is life changing. No, it is not the 4s but I love it just the same :). Mama got the 4s and can't figure out how to use it so I am trying to convince her to save me, butttt no such luck, haha.

Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend :)

 Jim eating at Moe's before we headed downtown for the night. He arrived at my apartment starving (and I had already had dinner) so we stopped at our old favorite, Moe's for his beloved Hokie snack!
 My sister being the star of the show in the Homecoming parade on Saturday morning. I may or may not have yelled at someone trying to hand me a political bumper sticker because they were in the way of my photo taking ;).
 Jim had a little too much to drink Friday night and actually let me drive his truck home. This is monumental as he is more protective of that than his own family. I even backed it in!
 Hokie game day!!! We were getting ready to start jumping up and down to Enter Sandman. It was an absolute perfect football day :)
 My b-e-a-u-tiful Marley Lilly iphone cover complete with ID slot :). I even had the guy at Subway today commenting on how cool it was. I adore it and I have gotten a ton of compliments!
 All dressed up and ready to head DT on Saturday night. I was telling Stuart about my seven dollar Targ shirt score and he requested an outfit picture :) We do this a lot because we have been doing long distance forever, and its nice to see each other every once in a while. If only I could convince him to get an iphone so we can face time! (We've tried Skype and his internet doesn't work super well at his apartment so it is more trouble than it is worth. PS excuse the hair. I hadn't quite finished yet ;).

Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday y'all. If you made it through, I am impressed. I just felt like I needed to get that story out there and down for my own records. Happy Wednesday!


Sarah said...

I love your Marley Lilly cover! Whenever I get an iPhone (still in the crackberry world) I am sooo getting one.

Charlotte said...

understand the self photo pics for long distance. i feel like i send one a day and ive finally gotten over the awkwardness of it! we also just got facetime (on my mac and on his ipod) and its so much faster than skype it seems. feel your pain! and cute shirt. love me some target!

Claire said...

1. Need that shirt- where is it from???
2. PLEASE let me know how the cover holds up!!!! My Lilly one is a piece of poo (hate to say it) but it looks so cheap and I need a new one!
3. I go to Moes once a week, sometimes more... #superwhitegirlproblems HAH