Y'all Can Call Me A Lotta Things...

But vain isn't one of them!

Here is what I look like currently:

I know. So attractive! I swear I should have been a model...haha. But, the important part isn't what I look like, but what I'm repping. St. Jude oh hollaaa! Received this in the mail last week for raising the first part of my fundraising goal and I love love love running in it. A. It was raining when I ran and it is made to repel moisture and B. I just love that people look at me when I'm running by and think about St. Jude. Just call me your running billboard.

I have been having a hard time with running lately, between stress, side stiches and just daily life, but tonight (after a nap) I made myself get up and run. In the rain. Through the hills of Charlottesville. And the traffic, which scares the pee outta me (not literally, but people do not pay attention to pedestrians!) And I finally feel like I got my groove back. Just call me Stella (as in Got Her Groove Back and not Streetcar Named Desire).

I have been so stressed over the future lately and you all have been such a blessing. I need to remember that running is good for me, it helps me clear my head and I feel awesome afterward. (Side note: apparently I wasn't breathing correctly, which caused the side stiches. Once I corrected that I felt SO MUCH better!) So lets just say I feel great right now!

I have a packed but fun weekend ahead of me :). I'm currently in Charlottesville and I am gonna go hop in the shower and then wait for Stuart to get home so we can grab some dinner. Then it is back to the 757 tomorrow for a doctors appointment, some family time, the ODU homecoming game, spending some time with my bff Heather, home to watch the Tech game and then church Sunday morning. I don't go home a whole lot, but I love it when I do. Happy Thursday!!


Ashleigh Nichole said...

sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you! Have fun :)

Claire said...

Holla 757! That's a shout out from the 804. You've inspired me to (hopefully) go running tomorrow! We will see... I will need it before the large amount of margaritas I intend to have tomorrow night! Have a fantastic weekend girl! :)

Nichole said...

lOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of a good run!! I'm going to start back strong this weekend and still to it until it gets cold. I'm with on how much clearer your head is when you finish! That's why I do it, my for my mental health ohh yeah and sanity!! Have a good weekend!!

Tiffany said...

Hang in there and don't let the stress get you down! Congrats on meeting your first fundraising goal!! That is great!