Happy Tuesday friends!

It is most certainly a happy Tuesday here because, despite the post title, it is NOT freezing outside. In fact, the sun is SHINING and it is SIXTY DEGREES OUTSIDE!

I have on cropped pants. So my white ankles are out. But at least I shaved them (and the rest of my legs) :). 

For February - I am on a SPENDING freeze. Seriously. Like I have only a few things I can spend money on:
1. My rent - uhhhh, duh. I need a place to live.
2. Bills - another must.
3. Stuart's Valentine's Day gift - he already knows I bought us tickets to the Tech/UVa bball game the Tuesday before Vday, but I have one or two other small things I want to buy/make for him.
4. Eating out - once a week. With this wedding "lifestyle" I have goin on in order to rock my wedding dress (and my bridesmaid dress for Nicole!!!), I need that sweet, sweet break of some Mexican food once a week. And that being Mexican food I do not have to cook. Ahhhh. And I LOVE to eat out, so this will be a HUGE one.
5. I can buy some clothes from the LOFT if get the itch. Because I have boocoo amounts of gift cards.
6. Gas. I need to get from here to Cville and back several times a week. I am not giving up my quality S time!

So: no new clothes (except from the LOFT if I want to), no online shopping splurges, none of that business! We are looking into buying/building a house and I will get my tax money back so I want a good portion to go into our savings for a down payment! AHHHHH!

Thank goodness February is the shortest month ;).

Only 3 days til the weekend!!!!


Caitlin said...

I am on basically the same budget as you this month!! Good luck sticking to it - I know it's gonna be hard for me!!!

Lisa said...

The hubs and I finally worked out our budget. But I did go to the Loft outlet today (in my defense, the closest Loft in 1.5 hours away). And you can make Mexican food at home healthy!