Lent - See ya in 40!

Hi loves!

I just wanted to let you know that I am giving up social media (Facebook, Twitter and blogs) for lent. I feel like I will be able to recommit and refocus on the important things - my family, my fiance, my friends and most importantly - my faith.(Like that alliteration? #englishnerd)  I WILL be back after the 40 days - I have a wedding to plan/write about so I can remember it and I do plan on maintaining my friendships :). Email me! I would love to keep a dialogue running with you and know about things going on in your lives!

Oh- Happy Valentine's Day, President's Day, Spring Break (for you lucky ducks) and St. Patrick's Day!

I'll see ya on Easter :)


Sarah said...

Oooooomg you go girl! I'll definitely have to email you to see how things are going! I thought about giving this up for Lent as well, but some of my groups on campus ONLY communicate through Facebook and so I have to check on those...then I'd be too tempted to just stroll through my news feed!

Brianna Tucker said...

GOod for you. I am not giving anything up but I am going to read the old testiment in 40 days.

Ashley said...

Good for you! I think we all need a social media cleanse now and then! I hope everything is going well (and I definitely want to hear all about the wedding planning while you're gone!)!!