The One Where I Am Back!

Hi friends :)

Long time no chat! It was nice taking a break from the blog, but I have so much I want to catch up. Big things are happening over here!!

First of all, Happy Belated Easter. He is risen! Amen? Amen.

A little picture catch should be sufficient for now:

We did some unintentional matching and watched some UVA basketball at the JPJ.

We spent some time with family (are they not the CUTEST? I DIE!)

I got a snow day FINALLY :)

The Tech football schedule was released and we are ALL CLEAR ON THE WEDDING DATE (UVA has a game that day but my wonderful fiance has allowed us to still get married that day... I just have to go to more UVA games than Tech games this year. Compromise!)

We celebrated my college roomie's first bridal shower!

It finally started to feel like spring so we took a little walk to grounds one night and I took this picture. I already printed it - it is one of my favs!

We celebrated my best friends 25th birthday with a little surprise party for her!

We kicked off Easter with a bunny cake, as always!

And we spent Easter at church celebrating Jesus and with our families :)

I can't wait to dive back in and share some more wedding details and some other news with y'all!

Happy Monday friends!

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Claire said...

YAY!!!!! So glad you're back!