Meet My New Favorite Person Ever

Some pretty big things have been going on the past few days and I feel like I need to document it! Well, by pretty big things, I mean one big BEAUTIFUL PERFECT thing.

Meet Miss Hallie - my bff/sistafriend/collegeroomie's little baby girl.

And no, none of us knew she was coming - not even her Momma and Daddy! But that is their story to tell in their own time :). 

Nicole, her momma and Josh, her daddy have just been amazing, especially considering everything happening so quickly. You know I rushed down there the second I found out she was here and I was so sad to leave her after only a few days of snuggling. I showed up to the hospital in a sweatshirt and norts with no makeup y'all... there was my precious "niece" to see - ain't nobody got time ta change!

She is absolutely perfect in every way and I am so incredibly smitten with her. It feels like she should have been here all along :).

And I am so incredibly proud of my bff y'all - she has been the BEST momma. She was meant to be Miss Hallie's momma all along and that is abundantly clear. Hallie already has her daddy wrapped around her finger too.

I just love her SO SO SO much and I am so glad I get to be a part of her life. I cannot wait to watch her grow up!

Happy Wednesday friends!


Ashleigh said...

Congrats to the new parents :) Little miss Hallie is adorable... & I am sure you are absorbed by her! & from the sounds it seems like she did not know she was pregnant little long having a baby hmm!

Candice said...

Hi Megan! Candice from Unfolding the Foldenauers here. You commented on my page from the Kelly's Kornor link up saying that you are also a Hokie so I headed over to your blog... and WOW! I know Josh and Nicole, too. Mostly from middle school/ high school/ church growing up. I'm was so happy for baby Hallie when she showed up on FB!