Friday Letters!

Linking up with Miss Ashley - the new BOY momma!

Dear Friday, THANK YOU FOR COMING! I have been waiting for you ALL week. Now if you could send May 1st my way, that would be great :)

Dear engagement pics, Make me us look super awesome (not that S needs any help with his adorable self). And tell the weather to cooperate. I want lots of things to frame in our new house!!

Dear house, Keep on keepin on. This has been pretty smooth thus far and I would super appreciate it if it would continue. You are the cutest house and I can't wait to decorate you :). Could you tell your current owners to leave the wine and the wine rack ;)?

Dear BFF, thanks for coming up this weekend even though you are fighting a cold! You know I can't get myself together enough to actually look good for these pics, so you are saving these photos from sure disaster. I might even throw in some Bodo's to say thank you :).

Dear Fiance, I can't wait to walk down the aisle to you in less than 7 months! This is gonna be the best of all the adventures Boots. AHHHH! (Ps, this is my FAVORITE picture of you eva. I am so lucky!)

Happy Friday Friends!!

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Michelle said...

The engagement shoot must have been exciting, show us some photos! Im sure you'll find some great frames for them to put around the home ... just leave some room for the Wedding photos :)
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