Tuesday Ticks

I thought I'd share a few things with you that TICK me off. You know, for the alliteration in terms of Tuesday:

  • Honey is spelled H-O-N-E-Y. Not H-U-N-N-Y. Drives me CRAZY!
  • Lose is what happens when you misplace things, like the pounds I'd like to misplace on someone that needs them so my wedding dress looks damn good on me. Loose is what happens to kids teeth that causes them to pull them out for the tooth fairy. (Side note: Does anyone else remember the Disney movie Toothless. Kirstie Alley at her best - other than It Takes Two of course!) Someecards, obvi.
  • The CFNCG and The Bachelor being on at the same time. Seriously tv people? First of all, ESPN is owned by Disney. So is ABC. Therefore, they are SPLITTING THEIR RATINGS. Well.... at least for my football-lovin, trash-tv-watchin' girls like me. Also, it is confusing on Twitter right now.

  • Why do people spell their children's names all kinds of crazy. Like Phantagia. Which is pronounced Fantasia. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!? 

  • Kim Kardashian. Like we need some Kanye spawn? There are people that are praying so hard for children and would be good parents and the two of them are going to be parents. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

You'd think SomeECards is paying me... they aren't. But I love that they have a card for every rant, God Bless 'Em.

Happy Tuesday!


Ashley said...

I love everything about this. Amen, girl!

Caitlin said...

I completely agree with loose and lose!! UGH people and their grammar... they serioulsy need to get with the program. SO frustrating!!

I also agree about Kim. She disgusts me.. bleh

Charlotte said...

their/theyre, "me and anna"... wahhh grammar!

Kim and Kanye need to go away. The end.

Wine and Summer said...

I love this! Spelling errors and stupid names drive me crazy!

Claire said...

Love a good someecard rant!