Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

The biggest and most stressful decision (thus far!) has been made! I have FINALLY picked my bridesmaid dresses. 

I know all of you are thinking... its January and you aren't getting married for another 10+ months. Buuuttt I'm a planner. And my beloved J.Crew decided to get rid of the silk taffeta line that I have loved for years and years. And J.Crew is the only place with the color I need. It's not too purple or too red - it is spiced wine perfection!

The other issue is, the dress I fell in love with years ago, is out of stock in the sizes my girls need (and won't be replaced) by J.Crew since the line is discontinued. Therein lies the problem.

I looked at several different styles and loved a few (all via J.Crew)

The Sara

The Blakeley

The Selma

And the Bow Monde

I narrowed it down to two before Christmas and thinking about it was just overwhelming me. I knew I needed to pick one and go with it before they weren't even an option anymore. Fortunately, they can be found on eBay and are cheaper there than they would be from J.Crew directly - but I was nervous about that option as well. 

The girl I worked with at the J.Crew store in Atlanta was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and was really honest with me about my options at this point.

I finally decided to go with the dress I have always loved (no reveal yet!) and have the girls order them from eBay. Most of the options there have a 14 day return policy, and I sent the girls the J.Crew size guide as well.

I would have preferred to have them ordered from the J.Crew store, but this option seems to be working out best for my girls. One of them named her price already and got the dress for $50! I don't know if any other brides have gone this route before - if you have, let me know! 

Happy Wednesday!

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Claire said...

I have a feeling my girls would have PREFERRED this route but thank goodness this weekend they were all FABULOUS and super agreeable to whatever I wanted! YAYAYAY FOR CHOOSING YOURS!