Wedding...Thursday: THE DATE!

So I am not on the ball. Like at all. Buuuuutttt, I have been on the ball about this wedding stuff. Except for the fact I CANNOT FIND MY ERIN CONDREN WEDDING PLANNER. Seriously, I actually have stuff to put in it now. And I know it is in my apartment... or at Stuarts... or at my parents. Nuts.

But, we do have a wedding date! And a church! And a reception venue! And a photographer! And a wedding start time!


We are getting married...

NOVEMBER 2nd 2013!!!!!!!!

Yep, we are getting married the weekend after Halloween. Fortunately my sister (who is a college junior) is okay with me ruining the biggest party weekend of the year Halloween weekend because I am letting her drink booze on Mama and Daddy's dime. Which means she will get a Mich Ultra instead of Natty Light. You're welcome, sista. 

I have always, always, always dreamed of a Fall wedding. Spring makes me sneeze. Summer makes me sweat. Winter includes my birthday and has Christmas already. Fall has always been my favorite season. Hello, football! And I might be a little swayed by the fact that the commonwealth has THE PRETTIEST FALL every year.

So, when we first started talking about getting engaged, I begged Stuart to propose in the fall so I would have a full year to plan. Fortunately, that worked for him too :).

Oh, and the coolest thing about this date? Both of us are "2nd" babies. His birthday is September 2nd and mine is December 2nd. So, double win. Plus, we are only the same age for 3 months out of the year (I am such a cougar), so we will be the same age when we get married.

It is perfect. And no, the football schedule isn't out yet, but we kinda had to jump on a venue that I liked that would hold our large-ish wedding. So fingers crossed, no home games for Tech (or UVA) that Saturday! Fortunately, Tech's home football schedule is abysmal this year so we may be okay.

We are getting married at my parent's church back home and the church I attend when I am home, and having the reception at a local museum. We had originally planned on our Country Club, but we outgrew it! And our photographer is a kid I played in the ball pit with at Chuckie Cheese. He is an amazing photographer, and I was lucky enough to see it from the bridesmaid view a few years ago.

Things are coming together!!


Lisa said...

Hopefully, that will be around the Thursday games!

Charlotte said...


Caitlin said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! And, I LOVE Fall weddings!!! So exciting!!

Sarah said...

Ahhhh!! So exciting!!!!!! I think fall weddings are lovely! Especially because, like you said, fall in VA is GORGEOUS! Good luck finding your planner!! ;)