Monday Mahnday

This weekend consisted of a lot of running up and down interstate 64 - for some good things, and some not so good things.

I went to the visitation for my boss's son on Friday night with some of the girls from my office. Marg and I ended up riding together, and because of an accident on 250, and a backup on 64, she flewwww through some of the backroads (that I still have no idea about) and we finally arrived. They played some of her son's favorite music, so we stood in line listening to the Beatles for a while. She was so strong - such a woman of great faith!

When I arrived back at my apartment, Stuart had dinner cooked and even calculated the WW points for me - win! We spent a lot of the weekend we weren't running around watching football, which is what we did Friday night.

Saturday we went to the funeral, and it was one of the most beautiful funerals I have ever been to. You truly felt God there - and he was definitely needed. 

I convinced Stuart to take me to Plaza, my fav, for the early bird special that night before we headed on to Charlottesville for the night.

We went to a new church (one of my New Year's goals, is for us to find a church now that football season is over and we are home most weekends), and both of us seemed to like it. It is a Methodist church that is across the street from his apartment and we had never been there before! We ended up going to the traditional service because it was earlier and we had plans to go to a bridal show that afternoon. I think we will try the contemporary service next week!

After church, we headed to Richmond to meet my Matron of Honor (I'm her Maid of Honor), her momma, my sister (my MOH) and my momma! Stuart had plans to meet up with a buddy of his, but Sean ended up getting stuck in DC, so he had to trek around the show with us. Fortunately, he had his phone for football scores, and there was free cake. He didn't seem to be too bad off.

The brides with our mommas!

We stopped at one of my favorite places for dinner on the way home, Maggiano's. We don't have one in Cville and Stuart had never been. They give you your meal, and a take home meal! Needless to say, after my leftover fajitas on Saturday night, my left over meal that I couldn't finish and the take home meals from last night - we are stocked on dinner for the week!

Tonight, we are going to check out a treadmill (AHHHHH, I hope it works) for my apartment and watching the National Championship game! Who are you rooting for? I think I'll be saying 'roll tide' this time. 

Happy Monday!

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Claire said...

BUSY WEEKEND! I'm so jealous - I really want a treadmill. AND of course as usual I still live on 64. Almost have it memorized