The One Where I Am Snowed In On a Friday Night

Hello party people...

Or people like me who are home on a Friday night. It is cold as balls y'all. And icy. And dangerous.

PTL S lives across the street from the mall. Friday night win:

The delicious unopened box S's roommate had of Cinnamon Toast Crunch...Friday night (and wedding diet) LOSE.

Remember when my blog did more than just a half-assed attempt at Wedding Wednesday. Me too. I suck.

So here are some non-wedding (ish) related updates:

  • My shower is/was broken. I don't know that the plumber actually fixed it. Which means I went from Sunday night to Thursday morning with dirty hair (I did wash my body in everyday). Now, I am a believer in dry shampoo. But, lawd. I needed a good root scrubbin. This was day three:

NAAAASSSTAYTAY (also, I need a part for that fivehead. LAWDY).
  • I have been on the WW wagon. Except the last three days. I have GOT to get my shiz back in line. My pants were loving me so hard until Wednesday. Thanks Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • I wish it would snow enough so the college I work for might actually let us come in late, send us home early, or go all out and give us the day off. I could use a day in my pjs!
  • If I don't Instagram it, it didn't happen. Usually I instagram pictures of my Diet Coke. And then send obnoxious pictures of myself via SnapChat to my BFF. Thank goodness those delete after 10 seconds. Example:

  • I will NEVER understand video games. S's roommate is merely obsessed and I just don't get it. At all. Give me Words With Friends or some Doodle Jump.
  • We are house browsing. Meaning, we are driving around looking at houses we might be able to afford. It's like window shopping from the car. Except you have to rely on pictures from the internet because knocking on the door would be creepy. 

I am going to bed. It is 11pm. I will call this a win because it is later than 10pm. WIN!


Charlotte said...

This post is why we are friends!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

I love how random this is! Jeeeeez I don't know what I would do if I couldn't give my hair a good scrub a dub dub everyday!