Happy Friday!

I am so excited for this weekend I can hardly contain it. I get a top 25 matchup in Lane Stadium, it is a night game, and two of my bff's are making their way to the 'burg this weekend! Seriously, the only thing better would be if Stuart could make it up here this weekend (or down here or over here... in fact I'm pretty sure down and over would be correct).

Heidi: sorority sister, bff since 6th grade, future bridesmaid and teacher extraordinaire :) Love this girl y'all. She is one of those forever friends.

 May or may not have snuck into this situation meeting my ultimate bff Frank Beamer (google the man if you don't know who he is... there is a style of football named after him!)
 Becoming grandbigs together!
 Casually nose nuzzling at a social.
 Graduating from college together!
 Still throwing deltas as alum in Atlanta this summer for her 22nd birthday!
Summer before freshman year of college. We are such little babiessss!

I cannot wait to make some more memories with her this weekend. We literally spent all of college glued to each other's sides, and there is no one that is more of a sister to me than her (except maybe my actual sister). She moved her butt all the way to Atlanta to teach 4th graders for TFA. I couldn't be prouder of her!

Also, so pumped I get to pair this with a sweatshirt or white longjohns, skinnies, socks (lots of them!) and my fake frye's this weekend. It may not be SEC classy, but I will be warm and I love love love this vest. I can't waittt!

Also, it is the maroon effect game so I will be sporting the maroon side complete with a giant Go Hokies button. I will also wear my bow if I can find it. :)
Happy Friday y'all and tune into ESPN 2 at 6pm tomorrow night to pick me out. I sit right behind the band in the student section and I will probably be the one screaming and jumping up and down for four solid hours. Make sure you tune in early enough to catch the entrance... it truly is the best in college football.

As you can see, I am more than excited about all this weekend has in store for me. Hope y'alls is just as good!!!

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Emily said...

I actually realllly like that vest, I'm sure it was super warm! I hope you had a fun weekend & made lots of memories...to share with us of course :)