Hocus Pocus

Well y'all it's time for day three of the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge with Neely and Amber!
Today is having to do with Halloween. Now I'm going to be honest. I haven't been out and celebrated Halloween dressed up since I was a sophomore in college (and for good reason). Honestly, I couldn't even find pictures from that night or any of the Halloweens before, haha.

I did find a few pictures from a shopping trip at Target before Halloween when we decided to put on some fun costumes. I know this hot dog is pretttyy saucy!

 And obviously the chicken costume is super attractive as well :)
But that is about all I have by way of Halloween. Last year on Halloween night a bunch of my sorority sisters came over and we "watched" a scary movie... but I'm pretty sure we just drank wine and talked, haha. I've also spent a Halloween in Charlottesville, but to be honest I can't remember what I did. It is the only time of year that I like Halloween movies and I always ALWAYS watch Hocus Pocus, clearly I am a 90's kid!

Hope the sun is shining where you are, it's been quite a rainy few weeks in Virginia (although I know some of y'all are dying for rain- I would love to send some your way)! Tonight I get to catch up on schoolwork I missed because of a sinus infection and will obviously be watching the premiere of Modern Family. Love that show!!! There is also a new show on ABC called Revenge coming on tonight that my roommate and I both are interested to watch. Will any of y'all be tuning in? Let me know what you think of it!

Happy Wednesday!

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Kendra said...

I absolutely love love Hocus Pocus!!