It's Okay!

I thought I'd hop into Neely's  blog hop today, especially since I love a good reason to rationalize some choices ;)
It's Okay...
  • That I can't spell okay just "ok." It drives me nuts for some reason. I also don't like yay spelled "yeay" and yeah spelled "yea." I'm anal, I know.
  • That I got choked up watching Sister Wives tonight and catching up on Grey's Anatomy before that. I may or may not have yelled at Cristina for a choice that she made that really frustrated me. Nbd.
  • That I have come to the conclusion that listening to audio books on my ipod may be the only way I can make it through training for that 1/2 marathon.
  • That the book series I am listening to is Harry Potter. No, I have never read any of the books. Yes, that is okay... kinda. Haha.
  • That I decided there was something wrong with the sizing of the jeans I ordered from Lands End Canvas. My rooms tried them on too and she confirmed my conclusion, haha.
  • That I only find the time to blog between 8-10 pm. I really need to start scheduling posts.
  • That I have already planned out my outfit for Saturday and I may or may not be excited about busting out my VT columbia vest early this year. It is supposed to be a high of 47!
  • That I know I need to wash sheets, straighten up and check to see if I have enough towels for Heidi and Jim this weekend and yet I am still on the couch. I have tomorrow to work on it as well!
Have a great Thursday y'all!

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Claire said...

I need to wash sheets too and towels! But I'm so behind on cleaning/laundry it's ridic! CAN'T BELIEVE this is your first venture into HP!!!! I'm a hardcore HP fan so I won't harass you but I seriously hope you love it as much as I do!!! and I'm the same way about spelling- well really just word choice. I hate when people text "yup". It always seems so mean but it wasn't intended to be!