A Little Weekend Review

Does anyone else feel like their summer weekends are just a plethura of fun, but busy activities?!?

We kicked our weekend off by going to celebrate my best friend and matron of honor's birthday with her whole familia. You know I got in some Hallie Faith time too :). Love their famjam! Happy 24th Coley :).

Saturday was spent going through stuff from my grandmother's condo. It caught fire two weeks ago. Thank goodness she was safe! We went through a bunch of clothes, pictures, etc. It was actually pretty neat to see all of the stuff she has saved over the years!

Saturday night we headed over to celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends! I grew up in church with Kylee and her fiance Patrick - I've known them both since birth ;). So excited they are finally tying the knot!!  Is her dress not to die for? She is too gorgeous for her own good!

Sunday I went for my long run in the INSANE HUMIDITY. Nas-tay! After grabbing some Subway with my parents, we went to see my grandmother and she gave me our first wedding gift - my Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!! I have been DYING for one of these for YEARS AND YEARS! So excited! And it is red to match our kitchen :).

We stopped in Richmond on our way back to pick up my veil and accessories!!! I was a little upset about how one piece turned out so I decided to medicate that with some Sweet Frog ;). AND THEY HAVE WAFFLE CONES! Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer the waffle cone to the actual ice cream. And mint chocolate chip is my fave. Come to find out, there were waffle cones and mint froyo. I just added my own sprinkles/choc chips and I was a happy camper!

Happy Monday! So excited for a 3 day work week :)

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Ashley W said...

Waffle Cones at a froyo place sounds like the most genius idea.. EVER. Not sure why they don't all have them!

And I'm super jealous of your Kitchen Aid mixer, I'm lusting for one of those!